Foshan UMI Technology Co., Ltd. Is an innovative high-tech company, specializing in the research, design, and production of high-quality toroidal transformers and special power supply products based on toroidal transformers. No matter in terms of product design, material selection, manufacturing process, and cost control, UMI Technology Co., Ltd. Has a height that is difficult to match in the industry. More importantly, we are committed to bringing the excellent characteristics of the toroidal transformer to the extreme, and spare no efforts for this. In Addition to considering the intrinsic characteristics and manufacturing process of toroidal transformers, we will fully understand and consider the use environment and working conditions of toroidal transformers, and fully understand the real needs of customers, so as to design the most ideal, more suitable and most cost-effective toroidal transformers products.

UMI Technology Co. Ltd. has mastered a series of superb patented technologies, including the lowest flux leakage technology of toroidal transformers, the quietest transformer design technology, the strongest electromagnetic shielding technology, multi-magnetic circuit balanced winding technology, outdoor waterproof technology and so on. Our engineers not only have rich experience in transformer design, but also have high attainments in Hi-Fi audio product design. They have been engaged in Hi-Fi audio product design for more than 20 years, and are familiar with the parameter design of transformers and the selection on iron core materials, winding and shielding process have a great impact on audio, sound quality, signal-to-noise ratio, etc., and they are good at solving various difficult and miscellaneous diseases in audio equipment. With rich background and superb design level, the performance of the entire audio equipment is comprehensively improved Improvement to meet the most stringent product requirements of customers.


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